If you are a business owner considering retirement or exiting your business in the foreseeable future, you should consider consulting with  BAC Advisors to developed a personalized strategy that safeguards your family, sustains your business, and achieves your personal interests.

Our Value Based Personal Planning process will accomplish the following:

  • Personal Financial Goals AND
  • Non-Financial Goals (balancing Social, Family, Health, & Spiritual)
  • Ideally Establish “SMART” Goals In Light of Preferences & Trade-Offs
  • Include Family, Owners, Key Employees, & Advisors


A sample approach to developing a personalized exit plan may include:

Assemble Multidisciplinary Personal Board of Advisors

Update Estimates of Value

Assess Exit Options

  • Immediate Cessation — Milk — Sell As Is — Build & Sell
  • Management Buyout
  • Employee Buyout
  • Family Gifting (full gifting or partial gifts subject to discounts)
  • Hybrid Strategies

Key Employee Retention            (Stock Incentives, Stay Bonuses, Ownership %)

Craft Buy-Sell Agreements

Establish Buy-Sell Funding With Insurance or Other Vehicles

  • Assess Most Likely Buyers
  • Strategic vs. Financial Buyer
  • Business Broker or Investment Banker Depending on Size, Etc.

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